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.MAXRAY INC Nagoya Sales Office

Address:1F yamaguchi BLD 5-8-9 chiyuda naka-ku nagoya.japan



Construction:New Rises

Photo: Shin kondou Photograph Office

Lighting・ MAXRAY INC. Daisuke Sakai / Kimihico Mochizyki


MAXRAY INC. Nagoya Sales Office was designed with the intentions to create a space that could appreciate fully the various lighting equipment produced by MAXRAY INC and the lights functions. The lab space has been created to be able to experience the differences between the differing lamps and their illuminations. The lab space expands when the curtains open and this space can double as a lighting seminar/ function/ party space. Close to the lab space is the considerably large library/ meeting space.  MAXRAY INC. conveys the message of *Harmonisation of Light and Space” with concern for environmental preservation.

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