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For happy feeling and smile

A good design is a phenomenon that results not only from its form, but also its functionability, meaning and  appearance.  

To design is to solely create and enhance a more beautiful, comfortable and happy living environment. 

Our company reaches out to meet the needs of construction, housing and commercial establishments etc,

 with considerations respecting functionality, the form, cost and desired time frame. 

As your business partner, we offer the creation of an additional value space to the highest standards of professionalism and creativity. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

He has a work visa in Russia.

Name of the company   Shigeo Nakamura Design Office

Representative              Shigeo Nakamura 

Address                        1-16-16 ​​​​A Narita Nishi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo,Japan. Postal code 166-0016

Telephone number        +81-90-3484-0195

Establishment year       Apr.2000

Skype ID : shigeo0518

E-mail : Please click here



Work contents

Architectural design/ House design / Interior design/Product design /graphic design/Communal facilities/

innovation/ renovation, business/design consulting such as commercial facilities, design management/ hotel

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