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Sayen Hotel won the All-Russian competition of video presentations "Hotels of Russia 2020"

The nomination evaluated videos of hotels that offer guests not only high-quality services, but also exclusive, thematic interior design and a level of service that differs from other establishments



Received the National Hotel Award in the "Best Small Hotel Concept" category

The ceremony of presenting the National Hotel Award for 2020 took place in Moscow yesterday. The organizers of the award are the Russian Hotel Association with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Tourism. And two victories of Irkutsk. The city of Irkutsk won in the nomination "The best city for hotel business with a population of 500 thousand to 1 million people", and the International Hotel Sayen - in the nomination "The best concept of a small hotel."

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I was a guest appearance on the FM radio.

I was a guest appearance on the FM radio.


20: 00-21: 00 I made a guest appearance on FM Radio.


the first Russian job is SAYEN Hotel, I visited in 2005, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

A Moscow architect designed the exterior and I was designed interior. Since its opening in 2009,

it has received many awards every year,  4 stars, the best hotel category in Russia Small hotel ,

and TripAdvisor 5 stars etc. This is also the result of the efforts of conscious clients and staff.  

I am the first Japanese designer  to work in Russia in history.

Published Alians magazine in Irkutsk Russia


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Digest video of House EXPO in Russia

I traveled to Irkutsk, Russia from September 13 to 21, 2019.

To participate in the exhibition "the house expo". 60 projects of 48 architects and designers from all over Russia will be presented at the exhibition. I was the only person from overseas. It was a meaningful day when I met many enthusiasts.


Published in the official publisher newspaper of Irkutsk, Russia.

Областная газета.jpg


Published in Irkutsk web newspaper in Russia



I will participate in Own House EXPO in Russia.

It takes place in a suburban market in Irkutsk. The exhibition “EXPO Home”, an exhibition of trends in architecture and design, will participate as an examiner and participant in the exhibition held at Patrons Park Village on September 14-15. It's a new attempt to connect client designers where experts present the best ideas and solutions and guests can vote for their favorite projects.

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Published in the Irkutsk Russia



Published in the Architectural Journal of the magazine (Japan)


Published in the Собака of the magazine (RUSSIA)


International Hotel «SAYEN» - a modern and high-tech business hotel located in the center of Irkutsk. Design of the hotel designed by the renowned Japanese master Mr. Shigeo Nakamura. In 2012, the hotel has received the status of "four star", officially confirming the title of the most high-end, the only certified 4 star hotel in Irkutsk. SAYEN hotel supports this high status to this day.

In 2015, the hotel won the Travellers' Choice 2015 award in the "Best Service" category.


introduced in the Russian national broadcasting


Published in the homify of the magazine (English)

The shop was designed in Yokohama Nakamachidai "table a day."

Special Feature published in homify of the magazine (English version).

Wine cellar feature.If you are interested, please visit the following







Published in the homify of the magazine (English)

Another nifty and neat way of creating indirect lighting within the home is through the use of backlit shelving. Back-lighting shelving or storage systems produces a delicate light, and works excellently for bars, home theatre spaces, or any room that requires muted illumination. 


This example is a fabulous demonstration of a bar space that employs the backlit shelving for its bottle storage system. Here the light produced highlights the silhouette of the bottles, and works beautifully to create a rich ambience of conversation and cosiness. 



Introductory article URL





live appearances in the Shonan Beach FM radio

Tomorrow 25.February (Thursday) am10: 40 ~ 11: 00 and live appearances in the Shonan Beach FM radio.

So you can can viewing from the following URL, please listen.




Published in the homify of the magazine (Spain)

MAXRAY INC Nagoya Sales Office is now available for introduction. MAXRAY is a picture use of Crystal Star LED DELUXE CRYSTAL of swarovski to sell. You can purchase at the following URL.


Introductory article URL





Home page Renewal

We have renewed the website. Please have a look.

Thank you for your precious time.


Shonan Beach FM Outlander PHEV

experience report CM

Articles of Shonan Beach FM Outlander PHEV experience report has been UP.

You'll be able to hear my voice on the radio CM every day.

Shonan Beach FM 78.9MHz

Shonan Beach FM 78.9MHz blog


Published in the Russian magazine.

I have designed the SAYEN hotel interior abroad 11 years ago.

The name is the image of a "Grace Garden,"

This hotel is the best rank in Eastern Siberia.
We got a 4 star


International Hotel SAYEN


Published to the construction company of Moscow,

Архитектура Благополучия

Архитектура Благополучия


Published in the 

Irkutsk Russia magazines

中村茂雄 Shigeo Nakamura Шигео Накамура


I was elected to the jury of the park planning in Russia


Master class report in Russia


To model appeared on Japan of the watch magazine


World Publishing

"Hair salon conscious" has been published,



20th anniversary International Design Center Nagoya Lecture

13:30 to 17:00 (reception start 13:00)
Nadia Park, 18-1Naka-ku Sakae 3 chome Nagoya.japan. 

City,Design Center Building 3F Design Hall
Entry fee: ¥ 1,000
Capacity: 400 people


Lecture at Tokyo

Fee : regular members, supporting members ¥1000 yen
 General: ¥ 1,500 /students: ¥500
Contact: Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers
TEL 03-5207-6707


Broadcast in the Russian TV news

Master class in Ulan-Ude (Russia)


Published in the Russian newspaper


Published in the "chief time" Russian magazine


Published in the "WORLD of BAIKAL" 

Russian magazine


Published in the Designer's Showcase

Of "Soten kenchiku",To published in the Designer's Showcase


Designer's Showcase


Published in the "Beautiful People" 

Russian magazine


Published in the Russian newspaper


Published in the Japan newspaper


Published in the Japan magazine

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