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FEE(Guide to Design Fee)

Amount of money is clear is displayed in the graph.Shigeo Nakamura Design Office there is the likely chance that the finish designed and constructed product will feature in a magazine, in turn creating additional value to your company. For the benefit of your company utilising Shigeo Nakamura Design Office will provide an original idea that is indispensable age.

About the method of paying for the design

The basis of our design charge is in consideration with the Japanese Commercial Environment Designers Association. As the Floor Plan increases in size and additional requirements are calculated in line with the Unit Price List and accordingly to this scale. Shigeo Nakamura Design Company has worked with a Russian Client to produce a fine Hotel in Russia. By all means as a foreigner interested in Shigeo Nakamura Design Office you can feel comfortable and assured that the Design will be to the highest standard. Please feel free to consult Shigeo Nakamura Design Office. Payments will be broken down into terms of completion of each process and at the end of each of these processes payment will be required accordingly. We look forward to dealing with you in the near future.

Calculated based on JCD / Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association compensation guidelines.

Design Fee.Supervision Standard operating remuneration Area unit price method

(Standard operating in the above table, calculate the Fee from classification type graph) Unit price per m² is high according to the type of business category, perform the classification to calculate the Fee for the floor area. Lighting plan is free of charge.


【1 Class】 1.Offices,Event,Exhibition 2.Apartment renovation, Interior design for House.


【2 Class】 1.School, nursing care facilities. 2.Merchandising store. 3.Beauty services Shop, showrooms, other acids.


【3 Class】 1.Restaurant,Bar. 2.Complex, department store,Movie theater. 3.Hotel & Resort., Concert Hall.

                   5.Architectural design. (Separate: Structure calculation/apply)


【Product】Product design for the purpose of sale. ・amount of cost+(3% of the wholesale price) or 5% of the wholesale price(No amount of cost)


【Lighting plan】 basic plan free of charge.

SNDO Fee-E2017.jpg

Remuneration payment method

(Cash only/Less than 2 weeks)

1・30% at the time of contract

2・30% completed the sketches (computer graphics)

2・30% completed the basic design

4・10% completion of construction

※If the scale is small 50% and 50%

※Price is Japan International work 5% + for translation costs to the total amount.

・The price of only one property.

・Do not used Design without permission.

・If used same design, every time paying

・Less than 30㎡ is 30㎡ calculated.

※ Separate: travel expenses / lodging expenses /Consumption tax.

※ If structure calculation is necessary, the cost is not included.

※ Equipment such as air conditioning, water supply, gas, electricity shows the position only.

     Equipment drawings are not included.


This price is already 30 〜40%OFF than standard price of Japan.


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