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Japan dining Shin-Getu

Category:Japan dining

Lighting・MAXRAY INC. Daisuke Sakai

Poetry, calligraphy "Kyokukusou"

Photo: Kazuhisa Niizawa


This Japanese Dining Spaces ambience is provided through the use of both beautiful lighting and shadow arrangements.  

An old Japanese Poem marks the frosted glass walls with a considerable amount of design consideration in featuring glass and bamboo in front of this.  The poetry was considered to reflect the balance of further beautifying the Japanese food with light.  

This offers lighting only in areas where it is really felt necessary and diners need not be concerned with neighbouring unknown customers. The “Magic Box” Concept is my original design concept that is now copied all throughout Japan.  This box featured in the toilets, although only 20cm with marguerite flowers lining the bottom, gives the impression that the room extends over several metres.

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